Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Instructions and Procedures

Instructions and Procedures
Febrile seizures are convulsions brought on by a rapid spike in body temperature that occur in infants or small children.
Intended Audience:
Families with small children or couples wanting to have children in the future
Prior Knowledge/Skills needed:
Brief overall description of the procedure:
To inform parents on proper way of handling a child during a seizure while seeking professional medical attention
Hands, blankets/pillow, telephone, Tylenol or motrin
Warnings, Cautions, Dangers:
Choking  from saliva foaming from mouth, a blocked airway from the tongue rolling back in throat, bruising of body limbs from convulsing of body limbs hitting hard objects such as a side of a crib, lack of oxygen from a prolonged seizure could cause severe brain damage.
List of Major Steps:
1.       Check to make sure airway is not blocked.
2.       Gently turn child’s head to the side to prevent choking on saliva
3.       Time seizure
4.       Place pillows or blankets between arms and legs if they are hitting against a hard object such as a side of a crib
5.       Call 911
6.       After seizure take temperature
7.       Administer Tylenol or motrin
8.       Take child to emergency room

Required Steps
1.       Check to make sure airway is not blocked.
Materials:  Hands
Gently open child’s mouth to check if tongue is rolled back in throat. If so, take a pencil, and depress tongue down and leave remaining until seizure is complete
2.        Gently tilt child’s head to the side to allow the foaming saliva to run out the side of the mouth to prevent choking.
Materials needed:  Hands

Time  the seizure with a watch.  This is important information to give the medical team in determining if any tests or procedures need to be performed in evaluating the seizure.

Place blankets or pillows around body limbs to keep from injuring during seizure.

Using a telephone call 911 for medical assistance

After the child has regained consciousness,  using a measured dispenser such as a syringe give the child Tylenol or motrin per instructions on bottle to reduce their body temperature to prevent another seizure.

Once paramedics have arrived at your home, you can either allow them to take you to the emergency room or you can drive your child to the closest medical facility.

Be sure to follow up with your pediatrician and let them know your child has had a febrile seizure .

On this assignment we had to pick a topic and describe how to put something together or accomplish a task.  The assignment required a step by step detail on our topic.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Usability of a Website

Tarrant County College

I think this is a user friendly website because it list the different areas of the college across the top.  Also, from each of the above catergories they have a drop down selection that helps to further narrow your area of interest without having to go through many different menus that may not apply to what you are looking for.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Group Assignment- Visual 02

This assignment was a group project.  We learned how to publish a line graph using excel. 

Letters 01

American College of Sports Medicine
P.O Box 1440
Indianapolis, In 46206

October 25, 2010

Ted L. Nancy
560 N. Moorpark Rd ##236
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

Dear Mr. Nancy,

We appreciate your idea’s on how to improve an athlete’s performance and understand your knowledge in kinetic engineering. The proposal’s you have listed in your letter will be passed on to qualified, professional doctor’s  and surgeon’s in the area of sports medicine.  They will be able to make a medical decision on the enhancements you suggested to see if this is a viable option for athlete’s.

The American College of Sports Medicine would like to thank you for your letter and value your opinion.  We appreciate your idea’s on how to improve an athlete’s performance to make them more competitive in their qualified sport.  We value your knowledge in the area of kinetic engineering and look forward to any information in the future that will help athletic performance.


Amanda Siemering

This assignment was a hoot!  We had to write a response letter written from a man who actually writes business with crazy ideas and waits to see how they respond to his letter. 

Visual 01

The picture I reviewed is on page twenty-seven of “Edible- Dallas Fort Worth.”  I believe the picture is properly centered. The picture is a little too large. The picture could have been cropped to condense and make a stronger impact of wine bottles and glasses.  The layout is not very well done.  The picture is confusing on one hand because it clearly shows the label was not properly defined.  The label was either blurry  or just unable to read.  There were no captions but probably could’ve used something to illustrate the name of the vineyard since it was not clearly defined in picture. The picture was not complex. It was easy to see it was an advertisement for wine vineyard but it was not clear for which vineyard.   I think this is the perfect style for an article on a wine vineyard.  I did find it a little cluttered because of the blur of the vineyard’s label on wine glasses and  wine bottles.  The location was in a good place under the title. It helped to emphasize the article’s title and give a mental picture.  The picture is placed and sized to where the picture is the first thing your eye sees first.

This assignment involved taking an advertisement from a magazine and analyzing. We needed to look at color, placement, wording, etc.(Source: Image taken from google

Technical Definitiion 01


What  Is Sexting?
Sexting is when someone sends a sexually explicit photo or message via their cell phone or instant messenger. In most situations the  intended recipient is a current boyfriend or girlfriend or a potential mate in the future.

What  are the studies on sexting?
In recent studies it has shown that 75% of teens and 71% of young adults feel that sexting can have some serious negative outcomes. Of that total 39% of teens and 59% of young adults have admitted to sending or posting nude or semi nude pictures of themselves. Another study on sexting has shown 38% of teens and 46% of young adults  know  that the intended recipient of sexting messages or photos  are shared with other people.

What are the negative outcomes?
There can be lasting regret and humiliation for the sending of such material.  Also, it can damage or end a romantic relationship.  It can have legal impact by having child pornography charges brought against you.  Employers now use the web to check into future recruits and may find more than just your employment history online.

The following assignment involved a technical definition.  I chose the topic of sexting  for my assignment.

Audience 01

I was born in a military town called Lawton, Oklahoma.  My father was in the U.S. Army for 20 years and my mother worked in hospital clerical.  They reside in Poteau, Oklahoma, which is in southeast Oklahoma.   My heritage includes French, Native American, English, Irish and Dutch.   I have one sister who lives in Oklahoma with her three daughters of which two girls are fraternal twins.
 I have been married for 16 years; my husband is a pilot for Atlantic Airlines and is based out of Atlanta.  He is from Texas and of German nationality.   We have two children Justin, 13 and Julie, 6.  I attend college and also take care of my children and the home. 
               My first job was at a theater.  I also worked at a convenience store and Wal-Mart before moving to Texas to attend flight attendant school in 1991.  I then became a flight attendant for Atlantic Southeast Airlines. I resigned after seven years of service due to the birth of our first child and also both of our careers were not beneficial to our family.  The sacrifice of being away from home from days to a week was not in the best interest for our children. 
                I enjoy reading non-fiction and history.  I  admit to indulging in the Twilight Saga.  Besides reading, I spend my free time shopping for antiques and decorating my home.   I have lived in North Richland Hills since 1997.
My educational goal is to become a nurse and work as a travel nurse or in neonatology.   I plan on transferring to UTA in the spring of 2011.    I have 5 more courses left for my pre- requirements requirements to be completed.  I am committed and focused to attaining my goal as soon as humanly possible.  My inspiration to enter the field has come from a desire that began in high school.